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Privacy Policy’s privacy policy applies to our products, to our sellers and any who is working in or on our behalf. We are a self-regulatory organization and we control and protect any personal data that gets collected and processed on our website. This includes the following kinds of data that might get collected during a transaction, or when any customer is browsing our website:

Whenever any customer clicks on and browses our website, a cookie or data file is generated and stored on their computer. This is a common feature of almost all e-commerce sites. When you visit, this ‘cookie’ gets placed in your PC’s hard disk. This cookie can also collect information regarding your geographical location, what you preferred browsing on the site and more.

Upon making a purchase, our website selling Viagra online records and stores whether you chose to make a card payment, via netbanking or cash on delivery. Furthermore, the personal information and address that you input for making a purchase along with your contact number is also stored on our database.

We won’t manipulate or misuse this data that we record periodically from your browsing experience on our website. Neither will we transfer or further this data to any third-party company or source, violating your privacy.

These main points of’s privacy policy should give you a brief but firm gist of what our Privacy Policy regarding our company, products and customers enshrine.