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Refund Policy

At, we can proudly say that all of the products that we sell are of the best quality available anywhere in the market as of today. We dedicate all of our work and expertise towards providing our clients and customers with a product that will satisfy their needs completely. As an action of good faith and trust, we also allow our customers to safely return our products if it is allowed; in case the product was severely damaged or doesn’t uphold our standards of distribution or medical effect as advertised.

Following are some of the various clauses you need to adhere to as part of our Refund Policy:

Refund after Purchase:

If you have made the payment and received your product from us, you will probably have an invoice of purchasing the product either in your mail or a hard copy of it. If you have opened it and already consumed some, then you will not be able to refund the Viagra pills anymore. To avoid such a situation, you are advised to sample our product if possible so as to learn and experience its effects.

Refund after Trying:

If you have received the product from us and have tried it, and found that there is something wrong with the Viagra pills; if you have received the wrong dosage, the wrong quantity or if there was some problem or fault with the packing or shipping that has delivered damaged products to you, then you can refund the products under given circumstances.

You should note that if you place an order for any of our products at, then we recognize that as a sign that you have gone through what’s written in our refund policy and agree with it. Kindly contact us if you have any questions regarding what’s written here and clear any doubts you might have about the’s refund policy.