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Terms and Conditions

Here are some Important Terms and Conditions regarding


Viagra is the name given to erection pills or drugs that boosts sexual performance of both men and women. Viagra for men contains Sildenafil Citrate whereas Viagra for women contains Flibanserin. It’s the recommended course of action for anyone experiencing problems during sexual intercourse.

Side Effects:

Side effects are the common, often unwanted effects that appears biologically, due to consuming any medicine or drug. For instance, people with medical problems might develop side effects like high-blood pressure, cottonmouth, etc. when taking Viagra without a prescription.


Discount includes any offs on the original price of a product, meant to help a customer decide easily on a product that the seller wants sold. For instance, you can buy cheap Viagra online from for a discount.

Discounts and Prices:

No customer is entitled to discounts while purchasing any one of our products unless it is specified so on our website or during purchase. You must adhere to our policies and follow the instructions for purchasing Viagra pills online from our website. reserves all rights to withdraw any special concessions or discounts based on our requirements or decisions.

2. Refunding or Returning the Product:

If any customer has received the products from us and has found any issue regarding quality or quantity, or of any other sort with our product, then they must notify us at on our email or contact number. Failure to do so will be deemed as if the customer is satisfied with the purchased product and there will be no return or refund requests entertained after that.

These are some of the important terms and conditions all those interested should learn and keep in mind for browsing our site and purchasing our products in the right manner.

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